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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
It's fine that your official stance encourages or allows people to drink or do drugs before and during your hosted events. Sounds a bit dangerous.. but yes, it is your choice to allow this behavior.

It still is an issue, just because you don't agree with it, and a few dope users agree with you, doesn't end the debate about standing against it.

Do you honestly think it's better for an avenue such as ASC to turn a blind eye and say.... OK.. we've talked about it and we're ok with doing nothing? The only people who agree with you are the dope users or people who drink at games. It seems the only reason you against it, is that you will be directly in violation of a policy that may or may not come to fruition.

The consensus is for an official stand against consumption of drugs before and during a game. You guys posting your against it 10 times doesn't sway the opinion.

1st .. there is nothing wrong with a witch hunt.. if you have a problem with witches.

2. There is already a standard.. no playing while intoxicated policy in force with all field owners and Hosts.

The degrees of tolerance may be different field to feld host to host

I am not ok with drunk and wasted players at my games.. never said I was .. but discrete and in moderation consumption by adults as long as there is no impact on the enjoyment of others is tolerated ( not condoned )

I don't expect people to do things any different than I do.. I'll occasionaly take a nip of whisky at a game.. and Ill always smoke a cigar... does not make me a bad person or a threat to those around me.. If someone said it bugged em.. I'd stop.

This issue as I perceive it .. in your case was a Minor being exposed to this behavior.. Which is YOUR FAULT as you chose to take him where adults were engaged in adult behavior..

This is why I have a strict 18+ policy.. so I don't have to be concerned about such things.

there is no concensus as most people who chimed in with the thought provoking +1 never bothered to read the question
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