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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Kurgen was looking to whip up a witch take out the local dope smoking airsofters that threatened the very fabric of society in his end of the country. he got no traction with the AV crew.. so he thought he would try his luck in the public eye. to no avail
That's not fair to Kurgan, I think his complaint was perfectly legitimate: people doping up during game and offering pot to minors. Before people say there is no place for minors in airsoft, let me remind people that there's no law against minors playing and it's actually the norm outside of Canada.

In addition, the AV forum was also divided on the subject, we didn't simply turn our backs to him. He only took it public because someone in the AV section goaded him into doing so.

Kurgan didn't start a witchhunt, but the idea that he did something wrong because he bought the issue up is a witchhunt.
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