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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
At this point, I'm more confused by the constant back and forth between ASC being privately-owned/an unilateral entity versus requiring a mandate from its membership.

So it would seem. Given the trend on ASC, I wonder if this argument was even alive to begin with.

It requires a mandate.. because without membership.. its not much of a forum.. but it can take unilateral action .. if it wants.. with the risk of causing estrangement from that membership. It's a balance

There never was an argument.

Kurgen was looking to whip up a witch take out the local dope smoking airsofters that threatened the very fabric of society in his end of the country. he got no traction with the AV crew.. so he thought he would try his luck in the public eye. to no avail

Then the argument got all muddled... and pointless as usual.... as people who put about a nonosecond of though into it chimed in.
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