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Wow, when did "we" become the soccer moms? lol

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
You're still seeing it from the wrong end, Brian.

A no alcohol/drug policy on ASC would not be dictating your event rules, it would be dictating the type of games that can be advertised on ASC. The only recourse for violating the policy would take place only on ASC in the form of thread deletion (or infractions for intentional repeated offenders, based on the existing rule against posting improper content). If you want to run a game that permits alcohol/drug use before/during game, don't promote it publicly on ASC, anyone's still free to run such games privately.

Am I to understand that previous to this discussion there were games advertised on ASC that allowed Alcohol and Drug use Before & During? If not then your trying to fix a a perceived problem that doesn't exist.

Or maybe it's that I just miss them all because I need to get Stoner Verified?

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