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Originally Posted by safx View Post
This is where people who haven't a clue
or any real investment in the issue come
to pretend they know what's better for
others really involved in the issues at hand.
Everyone has an investment in proactively ensuring a "clean" appearance for airsoft. It is in all of our benefits and it sure has hell isn't your place to condemn people for it.

I say this because I back Brian 100% He
runs a facility indoor and outdoor. What
right does this forum have to dictate how
he runs anything airsoft?
In case the point I was trying to make was missed, here it is again:

ASC can regulate its own content. It would be quite simple for ASC to put in place a no drug/alcohol use policy limited to advertising games on ASC. People can still run such games, they just won't be openly promoting it through ASC's event section.

Staff and members
alike can write their silly ideology about an
airsoft world/community they envision, but
what really matters is who's ass is on the
line. I believe it's the facility/field owners
and not this trade forum.
There's nothing silly here. We all have a stake in keeping airsoft as presentable as possible.
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