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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I object to any body that I did not consent to setting policy for my games on my property.. Its not the place of this forum to do so.

I am responsible so I make the rules.. No One else has the authority to do so.

you can't take an "official stand" if you have no mandate to enforce that stand.
You're still seeing it from the wrong end, Brian.

A no alcohol/drug policy on ASC would not be dictating your event rules, it would be dictating the type of games that can be advertised on ASC. The only recourse for violating the policy would take place only on ASC in the form of thread deletion (or infractions for intentional repeated offenders, based on the existing rule against posting improper content). If you want to run a game that permits alcohol/drug use before/during game, don't promote it publicly on ASC, anyone's still free to run such games privately.

At the end of the day, ASC is a convenience for hosts, not a deal breaker. All ASC would be doing is regulating its content, which is perfectly in line with its mandate.

As ASC is a wholly owned entity that can ban anyone at any time arbitrarily there is no need for a set policy. Such banning actions can be done on a case by case basis as has always been the practice to now.
Arbitrary moderation action without a policy in place is unlikely to happen ("We don't have a policy in place, so let's not do anything about it no matter how bad it seems") and can lead to even more fighting ("You didn't care enough to have any policy against this in place, why punish me/us/etc now?").
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