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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post

This would be a good compromise. Having a policy that states the Communities official stand is a great idea. Since the largest games are typically posted here. I'm not saying that ASC has to sanction any game, but if it's going to be involved in the promotion or facilitating of players learning of games, the least and best it can do is have a hard policy about the behavior of it's membership while attending the games it's allowing to be posted on these forums.
I object to any body that I did not consent to setting policy for my games on my property.. Its not the place of this forum to do so.

I am responsible so I make the rules.. No One else has the authority to do so.

you can't take an "official stand" if you have no mandate to enforce that stand.

Until such time as ASC will take on the responsibility by providing me with general liability insurance to indemnify me against claims against me as a game host / feild owner that I willingly accept, along with the restrictions incumbant upon such a contract it has NO RIGHT to set policy for anything that does not happen here.

The only authority ASC has is to restrict the use of its forum. If it is known that a particular game host allows rampant illegal activity and dangerous games with intoxicated players then it is well within its right to ban that user from access to the forums for the purpose of organizing such games.

As ASC is a wholly owned entity that can ban anyone at any time arbitrarily there is no need for a set policy. Such banning actions can be done on a case by case basis as has always been the practice to now.

so I say again.. This issue is not an issue
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