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007 G&G guns are CAS versions....which leads to believe above comment to be true, that all G&G are the same except plastic upper receiver on this model....G&G M4 Carbine Rec version. I also own this gun and personaly think it work flawlessly with a little maintenance and preventative care. A perfect higher grade AEG for beginner air softers, can be upgraded easily with G&G and TM clone parts. Very easy to disassemble for addons. Personal favorite, plastic receiver is very strong and durable over 100 games and no breaks, i removed handle for laser and scope, only problem is paint scratching on metal barrel. Very nice weight for plastic receiver, hop up is adjustable, and when you get that sweet spot is is pretty accurate about a 7/10, which is good for a stock rifle. I custom made a silencer from an old airsoft shotgun, about 9inch long barrel,added a caliper on the end so it can thread onto M4 pre exsisting threads. Barrels line up perfect and sung, extends barrel about 8inches, seems to make shots slightly more accurate 7.8/10, which helps alot.

---great gun for beginner airsofters hands down, you wont be disappointed
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