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Originally Posted by safx View Post
No threads other than the odd
Twat game advertises byob or
blatant party "vibes" So where
you expect the recon for the
policing to come from?
The idea that my suggestion requires "recon" to work goes against its very essence. The idea of "recon" implies a certain amount of covertness and effort to reveal hidden facts by one party and efforts to conceal facts by another. I really don't see how anyone could post public, all-welcome games on ASC and expect the activities there not to be witnessed or discussed. By virtue of posting an open game, there is no expectation for secrecy or privacy, or need to have people "recon". Whatever happens is just that.

And to intentionally publicize games on ASC with the intent to ignore an ASC policy on alcohol/drug use would be a pretty dismal act of defiance.

I see your future community
split worse than ever and full
of rats and very private games.
And eventually using local
forums instead of ASC.
I think you have some pretty strange notions about how airsoft communities should work.

The idea of "rats" is pretty silly. It seems to me that people are often too willing to sweep dirt under the carpet, when accountability has always been a good thing, especially in an activity where the community police itself. If no one ever talks about wrong doings, then there are no wrong doings. To me, the whole derogatory notion of rats was created by people with a guilty conscience. People with nothing to hide has no fear of "rats".

There is nothing wrong with very private games. People are and should always be free to choose who they want to play with or not. Reaction against the idea that all games should be held to the same narrow standard is partially what filled Brian's huge thread about clear guns and new players. I believe the legal situation of airsoft in Canada has curtailed the population of airsofters to the point that people are trying to mash together player sub-groups in order to fill decent sized events, where in other countries each sub-group would have sufficient numbers not to requiring adjusting equipment or play standards in order to fill larger events.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with more prominent local forums. ASC wasn't created to force all Canadian airsofters to rely on a national site regardless of region. The idea of ASC is to promote a national airsoft identity without degrading the importance of regional organizations.
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