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I have those pants in OD and you can't put knee pads IN them. However they go over top fine.
I beg to differ. You can put knee pads in them. I just got the identical set in Marpat, also have the same set in woodland and I wear the solid colored version for work. I'm wearing the OD ones as I type and they have pad pouches. The pads from UR Tactical will not work in these pants. The UR pads are based on the Crye Precision pads and are meant to fit into the specially fitted pockets on the elbows and knees (seperate pads for each). You might be able to make them fit but they'll probably slop around a lot.

What I've done is go to Maomart and pick up a blue foam sleeping pad and cut pads out of those. They're a bit bulky, but are very comfortable when you go to ground. You just pull open the velcro on the bottom of the pad pouch and shove them in.

To cut them, measure how big the pouch is top, bottom and sides (top and bottom will be a bit different) and remove 1/2" from the measurement for the pads to account for the thickness. I could give you my measurements for my pads, but they may vary on the size and/or length of the pant/jacket.

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Get them from Desert Deuce Surplus, they're down in Arizona I believe but had very reasonable shipping costs, my set cost about $110 CAD to my door.
Also EBairsoft has free shipping, but seriously get the real one.
Agreed there. Got mine from Desert Duece via Ebay. It's pretty back when I can mail order from AZ and get a substanital savings off of any of the local business in Alberta.
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