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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
I'm going to leave this thread open a while longer, in case someone can come up with a convincing argument as to why ASC should start policing fields across the nation and to give others a chance to voice their opinion, but stay on topic.
I don't think the issue is/should be actually one of ASC policing games across, but rather ASC protecting its own image and reputation.

The idea of ASC undertaking monitoring and punitive action over alcohol/drug use at games is clearly very divisive. The idea of revoking AV for violations, while serves to send a clear message, is ultimately fraught with serious issues, not the least of which is the broken state of AV right now. However, all this at the far end of the list of potential action. Just because some people don't think it'd fly doesn't mean there is nothing ASC can/should do at all.

The thing is, ASC is well within its mandate to police any and all traffic and content on ASC proper. ASC can simply create a policy by which no games at which alcohol/drug use immediately before and during game is tolerated can be publicly advertised on ASC. People who feel the need to attend or run such games can do so via PM and word of mouth, away from the limelight. "Policing" is reduced to simple deletion of threads, rather than any controversy over ASC proactivism off the internet.

At the end of the day, people posts games on ASC because it is convenient. Having a no drug/alcohol rule for games posted on ASC is at most, a mere inconvenience to people who enjoy such games, while ASC benefits from keeping its nose clean. This way, the no alcohol/drug policy ends up being a peaceful distancing rather than a vicious separation at gunpoint.

Given the current circumstances, I think my suggestion is quite a reasonable compromise.
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