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Originally Posted by Sharpe's Revenge View Post
Wow, you're an idiot. You could not be more wrong about Kurgan, or the issue at hand.

Hey guys, lets get wasted and point replica weapons at each other. this is SURE to end well!

Saying "we've never had an issue" doesn't mean the one day the cops show up, you wont get carted away.

AAAAND you just played the "Immoral Law" card. Try getting off YOUR high horse. You're using that logic soley because you think it backs up your particular point of view.

... sometimes a wish there really WAS anarchy, so i could enslave all the idiot stoners who would be too tired and lazy to fight back.

PS: thats a joke, clearly.
It sounds like you've never smoked a joint in your life, due to your extremely stereotypical view upon "Stoners", you'd be suprised at how many people how do have a puff, so in case of Anarchy, the stoners would be enslaving

Anyways, Schwag, I couldn't agree more with you. I've smoked many joints at games I attended last year, and NOTHING has happened. You would have never known anybody was high. Why do people do it? I don't know, but I can tell you why I do it. Same reason most people smoke a joint before playing a video game, or watching a really good movie. It just seems to make the enjoyable things in life, more enjoyable.

And the comment made between Alchol and Weed... Personally I always thought they legalized the wrong one. I've never heard of someone coming home high and beating up there wife and kids, or just doing insanely idiotic things for no reason other than "I was drunk dude".

EDIT: Also on the note of illegal drugs, Marijuana (at least in Manitoba) is practically in the grey zone. If a cop finds it on you (Unless its pounds upon pounds) the most he will do is dispose of it. The way they get you is if they have reason to believe that you are dealing it. I live about 150 yards from our Parliament building, and on 4/20/09, You couldn't even count how many people were blazing weed, and there was maybe ONE cop to make sure shit didn't get out of hand, there more concerned about real "Illegal Drugs".

"Were not that good... Everybody else just sucks"

Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
Flaming a guy on his question, no matter how stupid it sounds, is to me not a professional way helping out nor answering the guys question.

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