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Question The real cost of Canadian 0.2g bbs

I've just recently been doing a bunch of research on bbs, and where to get high-quality ones for a decent price. I've done the math, and I've figured out the cost per shot for the following CANADIAN retailers: I personally believe in supporting these Canadian companies, although more expensive. These prices do not include any extra fees. This list is mostly for people who want small to medium amounts of general use 0.2 gram bbs at a time, from close, possibly local retailers.

- Velocity arms: 0.798 cents per shot
- BB Bastard: 0.5 cents per shot
- Airsoft Parts: 0.5 cents per shot
- MTMFG: 0.479 cents per shot (Best deal for non-bio bbs, in general. Best deal for large orders, as low as 0.4 cents/shot)
- Buyairsoft: 0.49 cents per shot (For 5000 count bag)
- Mach 1 Airsoft: 0.6 cents per shot (Bio)
- 007 Airsoft: 0.766 cents per shot (Averaged)
- A&A Airsoft: 0.65 cents per shot (Averaged)

Now, I have done a small amount of research on total costs. (Shipping, taxes, etc.). These are the most and least expensive out of what I just listed:

Lowest Price - MTMFG - I am going to be getting all of my bbs from them.
Here is what I will get, and what I think is a great deal:

Highest Price - Velocity Arms - These bbs are highly recommended, but are extremely expensive. They are nearly double the price of Metal Tech BBs, and nearly EIGHT times the price of some over-seas high-quality bbs!

Now, please, retailers, don't take any of this offensively, like I'm bashing you or anything. I'm simply stating the facts as they are.

Once again, I hope all of you find this useful, and please comment, or ask questions if needed! Thanks
- M. Leonardo

"Mercy Is Dead"

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