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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
Pot is no more a drug than booze, which I'm sure you indulge in. Hypocrite. Lack of morals?Get a clue. Go thump your bible some more.
Wow, you're an idiot. You could not be more wrong about Kurgan, or the issue at hand.

Hey guys, lets get wasted and point replica weapons at each other. this is SURE to end well!

Saying "we've never had an issue" doesn't mean the one day the cops show up, you wont get carted away.

AAAAND you just played the "Immoral Law" card. Try getting off YOUR high horse. You're using that logic soley because you think it backs up your particular point of view.

... sometimes a wish there really WAS anarchy, so i could enslave all the idiot stoners who would be too tired and lazy to fight back.

PS: thats a joke, clearly.

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