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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
A couple of your fellow pot smokers tried to get my son to smoke up with them at a game, and you losers sit here and defend it like it's your right to smoke dope. In actual fact.. it frickin illegal. I know you're old enough to do what you want, and I realize your a "grown up". And I also know that you can't do better if you don't know better, so I forgive your ignorance.

and I'm not trolling... I'm responding.. I started the post, and I will answer any points or accusations that are directed toward me.

I don't drink and I don't own a horse, If I did, it certainly wouldn't be "high" either.
A. What's legal and what's right are polar opposites in this case. I will always stand for what's right. You are the minority. The vast majority of Canadians don't give a crap about pot because we've learned through experience that it's not anywhere near as bad as the propaganda would have you beleive.
It is a citizen's duty to oppose and reject unjust laws.

B. If your kid is at a game, he should be at least 18. Age of majority. He can make his own decisions. Nobody "tries to make someone" smoke. As a courtesy, it may have been offered. If someone says no, that's the end of it.
I pray for his sake that he's gotten as far from you as possible. I can't even imagine what a control freak you must be at home.

C. You don't drink or smoke. That's your choice but it has left you very sadly unequipped to take part in this discussion(even though you started it) so don't.
Go out and get drunk, smoke a joint. Maybe get your first blowjob and enjoy life.

For all I've said in this thread I do beleive that if someone is posing a risk or is obviously out of control, they should be removed from the game. On a public paintball field with kids around, they should leave. On a less public venue, they should be allowed to sit it out until they're okay.
But as long as your choices don't hurt others, who cares?

ASC regulating this stuff? Wow. So silly.

Grand Poobah of T.W.A.T.

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