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As a member of TWAT, I feel that the field attracts both drug users and non drug users alike. There are equally the number of people that don't use if not more. I am one that falls into the non user category. I've never had a problem with anyone on the field. The people should understand how they are acting under the influence or not. We have had more issues with people who were sober actually.

I'm defending this from both sides. But honestly, ASC is not the police. If you've got a problem with people using at a game, pick up the phone, call the cops, sit back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

On a side note:
Kurgan -
Let me get this straight. This WHOLE thread was about your issue with a few people who tried to pressure your son into using drugs. You've got to understand that there are people in this world that have been given the offer many times, and it is up to himself/yourself to choose if you want to use drugs (be it legal or non).

Everyone has their own choices in life. As I have said before, It is up to YOU to change YOURSELF.

I personally vote for this thread to be closed, as it's gotten way out of hand. Anyone else?

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