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I'm pretty new to this community, but I don't think drugs/booze should be allowed at games. Not because I'm against drugs or booze, not at all. But because airsoft is a fairly new sport. I use the word "sport" because I imagine that everyone who plays would agree that having the game treated as a bonifide sport, accepted and not ostracized by the public, would be a good thing. We certainly don't need any negative attention...and realistically, that's what getting intoxicated at games is inviting...whether that's right or wrong is pretty much irrelevant.

It just takes one parent to freak out, call the media and boom - as someone else stated, it's already too late. Think about Dungeons & Dragons in the 80's (for those of you that are old enough) and James Dallas Egbert III (google that if you want and read up). If we want to be treated as legitimate these are the requirements.

If, on the other hand, we're content to eek out a life of private guerilla-style matches on private property and constantly run the risk of getting busted or misunderstood, well then by all means we should play as we see fit.

I'm not saying one is better than the other. But with popularization and mainstream acceptance comes restrictions. That's life.

On to the real topic: should ASC monitor drug/booze consumption/abuse at games and impose penalties?

No. At least not at this point. This game is far to new and unorganized to impose an umbrella governing body like that. I look at the bickering and drama in my own small community and cringe at the thought of the same thing on a national level. It's up to the individual communities to monitor and police their own policies for the time being. Just keep in mind that until airsoft is a respected mainstream sport every single one of your actions reflects on the community as a whole - good and bad. Anyone who can't understand that simple logic, in my opinion, is bad for the game anyways.


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