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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
I love it when drug users try to justify their lack of morales by using themselves as examples.
Obvious Troll is obvious.

As for the real topic of whether ASC should be involved with the punishment of people who are intoxicated at games; no ASC should not. That's a matter left to the host/organizer or the owner of the field. ASC is a simply a forum for people to organize and exchange information. If that information should include a list of people known for irresponsible behaviour, such as being intoxicated for a game, blindfiring causing harm, reckless destruction of field property etc Then I'm all for that. Organizers can then use that information to decide whether they will permit those people to their games. Other players can also determine if they want to attend a game with those same offenders as well.

Anyway, taking a person's AV status away or banning them from ASC won't address the problem. Look at the abundance of clearsoft and underaged kids organizing their own backyard/park games right now.
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