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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
And to add to that... I have NEVER had an issue with intoxication at any one of my games .. and I've run well over 300 at this point.

This issue is not an issue ..

If we start to see intoxicated and dangerous players on the field.. then we need to think about setting policy... so far.. has not happend.
I'm betting it hasn't been an issue because the majority of people generally assume that alcohol/drugs and airsoft do not mix. If that's true, there's no reason why that implied norm cannot be made explicit.

Airsoft has enough of an image problem without adding alcohol/drug use during game into the mix. Seriously, other than Schwag, whose position is based on being a straight up anarchist, I don't see how other people can consider a relaxed approach to alcohol/drug use during airsoft as anything but an invitation to some bad publicity from airsoft's detractors down the road. I think this is one of those things better sorted out now than later, I'd personally would rather not give the security moms any more ammunition than they already have. To reactively deal with this when it's become an issue/problem is by definition, too late.

Even a simple don't ask, don't tell policy might suffice. The issue is as much if not more about the appearance of keeping alcohol/drugs distanced from ASC-listed events as it is actually having the policy being effective.
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