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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
I love it when drug users try to justify their lack of morales by using themselves as examples.
I love it when self appointed protectors of the public's welfare, spout self rightous shit, and think they have the right, and obligation, to protect you and others from themselves.
I feel people should be judged by their actions. Not prejudged, and persecuted, for something imaginary.
I have yet to read one post about any, not even a single incident, of any person being injured from anyone, who was in any kind of condition,(other than being jacked up on adrenaline from shooting at each other.)
I don't see this as being an issue at all. If someone is that fucking wasted :roll: , the people around him will tell him, he is in no condition. And the guy won't be playing. Simple. No matter what substance that person is on.
Quit feeding the fucking trolls people.
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