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Like I pointed out in the age verifiers forum having a few drinks or a few puffs is a non issue at private fields where the host and all the participants are well aware of what is going on. On paintball fields I agree it should not be tolerated and pretty much all the paintball fields I have been to have that policy in effect and I respect that. I've been playing quite regularly at the TWAT field since it's inception and I can attest to the fact that there has never been a single issue with anyone who has had a few tokes or a few drinks before/during the game. Every issue I have ever witnessed has been by complete fucking tools who have no respect for the host rules or the other players and the reprecussions for them have been swift.
It is not ASC's place to police what goes on at games, especially at private fields. I actualy quite consider that an invasion of privacy. And all this talk about calling the cops on someone for having a smoke at a game is fucking ridiculous. For one it's a waste of their time. It's like those dumbasses that think they should call the cops on someone because they are walking down the street smoking a joint. The cops will pretty much tell you to fuck off and stop wasting their time. If I wanted to host a game on my property and I allowed people to smoke up there and someone called the cops and they actually did show up I would pretty much tell them to fuck off and get a search warrant. It's well within my rights to do so.
The day ASC starts policing what goes on at games without the game host/field owners consent is the day I will hand in my age verifier status, sell my shit and leave this sport.
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