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Hey there im new and wondering....

I was looking for stuff for christmas still a kid and I know I can not own the stuff my self but for christmas I was hoping to get
a Tactical Airsoft Vest w/ Pistol Holster from
quantity x 5 Airsoft 6mm BIO BB 0.28g 3000 Pellet Bag from
quantity x 5 Airsoft 6mm BIO BB 0.2g 1Kg 3,500 Bag from
and a V-Force Airsoft Goggle System Mask Armor from

I'm just getting the vest for looks and for games.
I'm Getting the .28 gram bbs for a Ultimate- Bolt Action Sniper Rifle- OD
also known as the WELL version L96 from
The .20 gram bb's for my AfterMath® Broxa Evolution Special Operations Command Soft Air Rifle from and my other AK-47
The Mask for face protection I've already been shot in the ear with a shotgun so.

PS This is a cousions account so no crap about it plz
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