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Originally Posted by MADDOG View Post
No, the age verification status is just to ensure the individual is an adult, that is all. We know that not all adults are created equal but you need to give the benefit of the doubt that individuals will act responsibly. You do not fill out an application and swear allegiance to ASC to be drug free in order to get this status

Adults are free to make their own choices, some may be chronic mistakes, some only a "one" time mistake, but that is their choice. If a field owners feel strongly about punishment it is their discretion to remove that individual from play after confirming an act of drug use has occurred and informing before the game that type of behaviour is unacceptable.
Bang Bang, The Dog's got it right.
I have verified many people, I may not like you or your politics or fashion or that I think you smell like pot or a twit. I verify that you are 18+ and responsible for your actions( not fkn Crazy) Age Verifiers act as a filter for 18+. We are not Judge Jury Executioner. All 18+ players can be tried by their Peers.
I have not had a chance to attend a TWAT game but I am glad that they are active, contributing, and offering a differnt perspective on the Airsoft Experience. Anyone who does not want to partake in their game play can chose another venue. Game hosts make the rules, not ASC.
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