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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
I thought it was the stoners who were supposed to be paranoid.
This whole issue is ridiculous. I read alot of what ifs but I haven't read about any specific incidents. Probably because the teetotalling propaganda sponges have no actual experience with the sublect and are still under the impression that anyone who smokes a joint or has a few beers is instantly a reckless, idiotic fiend. Go watch Reefer Madness again.

We T.W.A.T.s ENCOURAGE intoxication and we have NEVER HAD A SINGLE INCIDENT. NOT ONE. Not from our buzzed players, anyway. And the buzzed players usually deal with problems in a much calmer manner.

I agree that many of the young noobs should keep their heads clear but to suggest that I'm a liability because I puff or drink proves that you don't have the experience or wisdom to try to regulate the behaviour of others. Blacklisting them? Fuck off.
How did a game as cool as airsoft attract so many soccer-mom type pussies?

I'm a liability because I'm crazy, not because I'm toasted.
this is exactly my case in point.. and thanks for posting Schwag,

Everyone knows the T.W.A.T. field is smoke friendly .. and players that want to play in that environment have gravitated there..

By all accounts .. its a great place to play.. relaxed no BS environment.. respectful and new player friendly.

And to add to that... I have NEVER had an issue with intoxication at any one of my games .. and I've run well over 300 at this point.

This issue is not an issue ..

If we start to see intoxicated and dangerous players on the field.. then we need to think about setting policy... so far.. has not happend.
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