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I thought it was the stoners who were supposed to be paranoid.
This whole issue is ridiculous. I read alot of what ifs but I haven't read about any specific incidents. Probably because the teetotalling propaganda sponges have no actual experience with the subject and are still under the impression that anyone who smokes a joint or has a few beers is instantly a reckless, idiotic fiend. Go watch Reefer Madness again.

We T.W.A.T.s ENCOURAGE intoxication and we have NEVER HAD A SINGLE INCIDENT. NOT ONE. Not from our buzzed players, anyway. And the buzzed players usually deal with problems in a much calmer manner.

I agree that many of the young noobs should keep their heads clear but to suggest that I'm a liability because I puff or drink proves that you don't have the experience or wisdom to try to regulate the behaviour of others. Blacklisting them? Fuck off.
How did a game as cool as airsoft attract so many soccer-mom type pussies?

I'm a liability because I'm crazy, not because I'm toasted.

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