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ASC is just a forum, yes.
ASC does require age verification to purchase Airsoft guns and gun part from it's forum, yes.
ASC does control who can access/buy/sell on it's forums, yes.
ASC has set an age level and actively polices it, yes.
ASC has a group of individuals whom they trust to confirm ages of players, yes.
ASC is it's membership, no.

A few people who are staff on this forum control what is posted, who can post, and who can buy and sell. It's only through the recommendations of it's Age verifiers that people actually get to purchase or sell guns and related parts.

Why should people who are using and abusing while playing airsoft be allowed access to this section, hell to the site at all?

Game hosts do ban players, game hosts do what they can to keep drugs off the field. That's being done.....

What's not being done, is cutting the offenders from the herd that ASC tends. So once your in... you're in. This will become an issue like Atreyu. Lots of "if only" and omg....
if someone had the balls to step up beforehand, we could have stopped this guy from harming the community. Well my balls are on the table and I want to make sure drugs and airsoft stay out of the news.

I'm just as tired as brian is of people not discussing the issue...

Should ASC remove the AV of players who are caught doing drugs before/during airsoft games if the request has the support of at least 2 Age Verifiers? is the issue.
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