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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
ASC is not the police, its an Airsoft forum. ASC doesn't organize games (at least most of the time).

It's the duty of the game organizer and fellow players to take actions on location.

Someone does drugs during a game = he leaves or cops get a phone call.

You don't go to work and do drugs there, so why should an airsoft event be any different.
I agree. This is a free website, governed by its population. I think what ASC could do (mind you, this isn't their job), that would help, is very briefly put a tag under their name saying that they are violators. However, this would be at ASC's descretion on wether to do this or not.

I, myself, have never experienced, since april, any problems on the field where people have been drinking or smoking while playing. I hope that everyone agrees that drinking should be done when ALL guns are LOCKED up and the range is cold.

I believe that the airsoft community gets the word around when someone does something foolish, so in my opnion, ASC shouldn't have to do anything. People will talk amongts eachother, and people will know of problems on the field.

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