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First of all, scrap the PDI 120% spring, it'll be a pain to install (likely), and it'll crack the front of your mechbox (a new reinforced mechbox, V2, can be had for $40) in a very short order. Don't know the fps you were hoping to get out of it, but get a Modify 90 spring from, it'll be easier to install, and make your mechbox happier too for longer. PDI has made crap inconsistant springs for the past years, I've dealt with a half dozen 150% springs, all ranged from 6 3/8" to 7", different metals and wire thicknesses, and have output between 350fps and 425fps. Go with Modify, and save yourself frustration and extra money to be spent for replacing more expensive parts.

A guide, lots out there, even videos, try youtube first, others here that are more familiar can link you with guides. I have a book for his, but also enough years with enough mechbox types and gun types under my belt that I don't need those references on my computer. I also know the inner workings on an intimate level, so it's easy for me to work my way around guns.

Best of luck, and enjoy your new puzzle!
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