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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
There seems to be some discussion of legally-prescribed or OTC drugs vs patently illegal drugs. If you are intoxicated, you are intoxicated, period. If you got stopped driving a car, you will be charged whether you are taking medication or smokked a gagger or drank some whiskey.

If you are taking legal drugs, there is no problem. The problem is that by taking illegal drugs, you not only have broken the law, but now have brought liability upon the game host. There are folks who don't even believe pot should be illegal, well, take it up with your MP. The fact is that it is illegal, same as under-aged drinking and smoking. Personal opinions are bullshit here.

Why excactly is this even a discussion?

ASC decided to institute and 18+ policy for guns, when in fact it had no basis in law in Canada except for Ontario. This was a community decision, and ASC has in the past gone out of it's way to enforce that.

The community needs to decide if this is acceptable, and let's see where it goes.

Brian is right though too, who wants to be the "ASC Dope Cop"? Kurgan should call the police on those who are smoking dope, and making it known that they do.
What you have to realize is that these people are no longer part of our local organization, nor are they allowed to participate in our games due to their past use of drugs at our events. And to be fair, nor do they want to participate any longer. The concerns we have were raised because they have formed their own organization in which smoking pot before and during games is allowed (and I would argue encouraged in some cases). We want to AVOID an occurance where police, airsoft, and drugs come into contact, not create one, so calling the cops is not really an option. So we want to explore other options, to let them know that the community at large rejects this behaviour, and make a strong statement supporting that fact.

As a side note, "legal" perscribed or over the counter drugs are not okay for use in all situations. MANY of these things, like cough syrup, state not to use heavy machinery while taking them. I would argue the safety concerns with airsoft guns are similar. I dont care what you're hopped up on at a game. If you're in so much pain you cant function without those meds, stay home till you're better.
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