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V2 gear box break down?

So I took it apart..and now I don;t know how it goes back.

ok full story, I got a new spring for my Stunt studios M4. I know its a crappy gun but its what I got. Springs only a PDI 120 but the stock one seemed worn out. Gun came apart fine but when I took out the gear box everything went flying... the whole case is pooched. cracked and broken everywhere. Meaning I wasn;t able to take it apart slowly noteing where everything goes. It litteraly exploded.

I just spent 2 hours finding all the little pieces of plastic shrapnel and plastic welded my puzzle of a case back together. Agian.. I know thats ghetto... no need to tell me. I can't afford a new box or a new gun!! so please dont; say "Save up for a better gun". its out of the question, I've other more important things like school and rent.

Now I have a pile of gears, springs and cogs in front of me but I want to be sure I put them in correct because I probably only have one shot at this.

So doesn;t anybody have pics of a broken down/dissmantled V2 box?
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