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The way I see it;
to the people who have been saying it should be treated as a local thing have my agreeance; no one can expect ASC to make some sort of cure-all for all this.
If a certain club has issues w/ any type of drug use that has gotten out of hand than they should assess the situation accordingly. Being a marijuana user myself I would say knowing first hand that some do not experience the effects for the most part because of prolonged use, but that does NOT give them any sort of privelage to be smoking before a game, nor anyone who can handle there liquor - maybe after the game during socializing if no one minds - but people who get ripped out of there minds should be in the same spot as those who can handle it (liquor, marijuana, etc.)

As far as I can tell - and IMO - it's like I said in the beginning, it should be dealt w/ according to individual circumstances, if anyone disagrees, they are entitled to that and I (and hopefully others) will listen w/ an open mind.

that's 'the way I see it'

P.S. sorry if I have said exactly what others have said as I did not have time to read all pages

edit- sorry, I saw this after I posted mine
There is no need for discussion

this is an absolute no brainer

Drugs and guns do not mix

this is where it's at - regardless. it should be seen as more professional in the sence that if there's not drugs aloud than there is a zero-tolerance for drug use - if you don't like it, go home!
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People will run and attend games that suit their taste. People will make investment in airsoft in a similar manner.
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