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Originally Posted by Armedsask View Post
So I guess that is the blowback version then?
No, the AEG will come out first, there is no blowback version of it but there will be a "Gas" Blowback verison of it.

Though to not get people confused, some AEGs have Blowback and are called "Blowback Version" but this is just using extra mechnisms in the gearbox to make it a mock blowback.

Now what TSI is propsoing is making a drop-in Gas Blowback kit that is similar to the new GBB-R (Gas Blowback Rifles) perhaps it could be similar to the Ra-tech drop in kits of the AKs.

I am guessing the GBB drop-in kit won't come out until the TSI Tar 21 does well in sales to warrant enough demand to produce the GBB version. It would be quite interesting if that GBB drop-in kit would be compatible with the Ares Tar 21 but TSI might also make the interior of the their Tar's different than Ares so you never know. Thats my speculation
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