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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
this issue is not the acts of the people involved.. this issue is does an on line forum have any place punishing behavior that did not happen on the forum?

The answer has to be no.

As soon as it takes up that mandate it then has a duty of care to administer the rules universally and completely otherwise it opens itself to claims of discrimination.

in short.. if you are going to accept the mantle of responsibility .. you wear it fully or not at all.

It is impossibe for this entity to serve as a fair and universal arbiter of player behavior and so it must stay out of it entirely.
Ill quote myself..

because it seems no one else is thinking this through...

A body can only enforce standards and levy penalties if it has a mandate to do so. and the ability to do it fairly and universally.

ASC has none of these abilities... and I assure you I have no interest in being an "officer" of ASC and accepting the liability that implies.

Who will decide when , how and in what circumstances a breech worthy of censure has ocurred.. will we next establish tribunals and an appeals proceess?
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