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Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Actually Nicotine is THE most addictive substance known to man (I'm sure there a synthetic something out there now though)

(non smokers) I challenge you to take a Nicorette gum (the strong one) chew it for 2 mins then tell me you are not fucked up from nicotine to the point of feeling sick

Pot has been found (in my understanding) to possibly be psychologically addictive but not physically addictive.

My "argument" was that I do not want to play with people impaired on anything. But I will not judge others use of whatever medications they need to live (semi) normally.

People who will drive while on any drugstore drug or "illegal" drug will do it anyway. They should not, altered minds create different reactions. Good luck with enforcement of someone driving while on meds though.
I might be impaired right now but did I understand this correctly?

You do not want to game with cigarette smokers?

Nicotine itself isn't that addictive. Nicotine combined with MAOI's found in tobacco make it terribly addictive. That's why nicotine sans tobacco is used for smoking cessation.

Sure Nicorette gum can make a non smoker ill. But so can brushing your teeth and then drinking a tall glass of orange juice (not advised).

Just because something is physically addictive it doesn't mean it will impair your judgement as far as driving or operating equipment.

Cig smokes are an addictive stimulant / relaxant. I cannot recall ever being impaired due to having a cigarette.

Just not sure where you were going with that comment.

This is an enjoyable thread. Brings back the memories of a thread on another board that confused the Special Olympics with the Para Olympics. That was Epic.
Originally Posted by Aper View Post

Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.

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