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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I am an age verifyer... if it suddenly becomes my job to report players behavior to ASC Central Command... and comply with directives to reovke AV status.. I'm done being a verifyer

Ill Say again... ASC has not interest in this issue and so NO Mandate to enforce anything.

There is no yeah but.. there is no argument

Kurgen started this public debate because he got the same snub from the AV private forum.
I'm not interested in getting involved in what seems to be a schoolyard tiff between the stoners and the Nerds in his end of the country.. sort it out.

ASC and the Age verifiers have already chimed in on this .. its a non starter.
You are correct in that I did start this in the AV section to gauge interest in the subject. You are incorrect about being snubbed. There were only a couple of Age verifiers such as yourself, who do not want to go along with my suggestion.
some responses by other age verifiers, (not posting names as it was a private discussion amongst AVs.

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unquestionably they should be removed and boycotted from the community.

I agree with all comments. Zero tolerance for this sort of criminal activity when mixed with airsoft.

+1. No tolerance for this kind of behavior.

t should be common practice to play responsibly with guns, then get shitfaced on your drug/alcohol of choice if you choose to.
Promote clear headed shooting.

I don't agree with drugs and airsoft mixing.

I'd support revoking the AV of the people in question. Promoting drug use as part of airsoft is ridiculous.

there is no actual law relating to the permissible age for the sale and use of airsoft guns, and ASC has merrily created its own rules on that.

If they bring it up on the forum and it goes against any of our rules (including discussing any illegal activities) ASC staff will deal with it accordingly.

No one should be under the influence of anything while pointing a gun at me or anyone else.

That type of behaviour would've result in immediate expulsion in all the games I've been to.

Playing under the influence is not the norm.

if the community has a problem with it, then publicly call them out on it and take a stand as a community.

Out them publicly, and let ASC decide how it goes.

ASC would be wise to enforce a distinction between airsoft, alcohol and drugs on ASC.

I know a lot of people that smoke pot as an habbit. They do before and after the game. I don't like it, but it does not show on them that they are high. BUT, they are discreet and they absolutly don't promote it publicly. Same thing for alcool use.

Kurgan, it's all fine and dandy discussing this here, but really, you should start a thread out in the open forums and out these guys publicly.
The fact of the matter is, ASC is only as toothless as it's membership allows. If the community at large is behind you, then that is ASC.

I hate to say it, but ASC has become more about revenue now than the community. We used to have a strong community and ASC was the head of it. Not the case anymore it seems. That's why I don't post here very often anymore. I don't like what the place has become.

I'm feeling the same way.

ASC has no control over the laws of the country. We are not here to enforce them.

It was mentioned that we implemented an 18+ rule so why can we not enfore an anti smoking rule. Well for one there is no law other then in Ontario I believe against airsoft being 18+, this rule was one widely accepted by the community when it was first approached in the discussions here on the board.

If you can show and get the support of the majority of the community to enforce an anti drug rule resulting in a removal of age verification then its something that I'm sure will be looked at and implemented. But before you do, take this simple advice and think really hard about what your going to ban.

Do not forget there is over the counter legal drugs for treating colds and flus, that some players will be using to treat said items while they play, which can and do affect some people in the same way as the illegal drugs. If you are gong to try and force a rule, besure you cover all your angles and be sure of your reasonings why some "drugs" or "enhancement drinks" are allowed and not others. Because that will be the largest part of your headache from the debate/arguement that will ensure once you make your post in the general section to try and enforce/implement it.

Win that battle and you'll have my full support to push it through the rest of the way here on the boards. So in short and to quote yourself: Grow a Set Kurgan and go enforce the law your complaining about. Make the phone call to the local authorities and report the illegal behavoir. Create a thread in the Discussion section and approach this issue and see if you can win the majority of the votes to help create a new enforcement rule here on ASC (where people already complain we have to many rules). Once said "Set" is grown, like I said you'll have my full backing to get it enacted.
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Well, I grew my set, called the local authorities (got a couple close friends in the municipal force) and one cpl in the RCMP. Now I'm coming to the community to get this idea beyond discussion and into action.

Apart from a couple of people (who have coincidentally admitted to drinking at events) the majority of the respondents are against the use, and seem to be in favor of my idea of the AV revoking.

Mind you... it would be the AV's who recommend the action (more than one AV required), and the final decision made and executed by ASC staff. This would eliminate the "hearsay aspect". If ASC can't trust it's AVers, why are we doing the job in the first place.

talk amongst yourselves.... you have the topic.
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