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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
Don't forget, they charge you shipping and HANDLING.

The "handling" component generally pays for things like wrapping paper, tape, labels, cardboard boxes or bubblepack mailing envelopes, foam peanuts, and the cost of gas to take your package to the postal outlet. Those things don't come for free. I've shipped a lot of guns and parts in my day, and I always eat the "handling" costs...but for me, to mail a gun, is easily going to cost me $5 out of pocket, and I buy my paper & tape at the dollar store.

It might cost them $20 to mail your package, and another $5-10 in handling costs. That's reasonable.
I've always found that "handling" to be a BS way to nickel and dime the customer.

It is the cost of doing business. Do local retailers charge me extra for rent or electricity? No. It is built into the price I pay at the register.

I recently paid 20 bucks for registered airmail, shipped out of HK. TWENTY FREAKIN' DOLLARS! when the norm is any order over 20 dollars gets free registered airmail.
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