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Okay I keep hearing that we are going to enforce it if you are caught smoking on a play field. Who is going to spend the time contact all play field owners and have them sign on and agree to this? By my rough count there is some 500+ across Canada and thats been on the very low end. By enforcing it here you must have their agreement, otherwise if I'm not mistaken you can open a can of legal worms (slander/liabel/etc) if a field gets dragged into a fight or issue and they were not aware of "your rules".

Also, if you are going to draw the line at illegal drugs causing the issues. Then I have to honestly ask why not add legal drugs to this as well? After all you can get a presciption to legal pot.

If a person is "high" on painkillers and playing they can be in the same mental state as a person on pot. Are we now going to require doctors notes to be allowed to play when we have a head cold?

Don't get me wrong, I fully agree with playing in a sober state of mind. At the same time though I do not see anything wrong with 1 or 2 beers during a lunch break.

It's a fine line, define the line first which has not been done here, state strong reasons why some drugs are allowed versus the others. I'm sorry but the "it's illegal" is not a strong reason its the easy cope out. To me if your playing in an altered state of mind whether from pot, red bull (etc), Tylenol, or Buckleys there is not much difference.

Like I and a few other Verifiers in the private section asked, Kurgan have you called the local authorities on these people? If not, then why are you not practicing that which you want preached? Thats the first step. Legitiamize your self and the sport locally by reporting misuse. That is always the first and strongest step.
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