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Originally Posted by Kit View Post
Drugs in general are fucking retarded.
Ya my Buckleys DM is fucken evil. Your use of "retarded" makes it obvious your outrage towards a natural plant outways your sympathy to the plight of the mentally challenged.

ok but seriously. I know people who smoke doobs like cigs and as was said, live their lives normally. I think it's a form of "self medication".

Like any mind altering substance people want to alter their minds from the reality of the shittyness of some aspect of life. Many animals do it just for fun too, not just humans. Alternate perceptions open the mind.

But personally, while I have no problem with fermented plants or dried ones that give you a buzz. I don't want someone with a 380fps bb gun shooting at me, the probability of injury is just going to be higher. (no pun intended)

Hosts will sort this out I think. That, and word of mouth like this thread creates discussion about it.

what if they wear ladies' undergarments (and are male?)
Hey now there were extenuating circumstances. And a very shocked motel maid.
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