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I smoke (quite casually I might add like instead of drinking after a long week I might smoke a joint with a few buddies as I don't drink) but would never smoke before/during/at a game or in the presence of those who dislike or cannot be around the drug or it's smell or what have you. Much like school or work for me I would never smoke there or before I got there and i've had tonnes of friends that do it's not hard to simply say no or i'm good. I certainly would not smoke on a persons private property (I find it rude to smoke in my own backyard lol). Drugs and firearms should only mix in videogames imo and also all people who smoke pot shouldn't be lumped together with all drug users/the ones that are irresponsible. I mean yes granted many will act the same but that's like saying all people who own replica firearms will commit crimes with them when only a very small number of those people actually will. The only thing pot makes every person who smokes it is...lazy haha. I am not defending those who smoke or do not smoke or saying it doesn't cloud a persons mind or anything because it does. I am just saying although it would be a very good idea to take away AV status of those who are irresponsible in the eyes of others for smoking I think it is something that should only be done if someone has directly violated a fields rules (ex no drugs before/during/after games but only on fields. Your own property on your own time is your business kind of thing or for those who have shown irresponsibility directly due to drugs ex handles airsoft in an unsafe manner poor judgment etc. If someone smokes pot in private to themselves who is being harmed, but themselves? also not every person who smokes marijuana becomes some raging, stealing, untrustworthy chronic although it does happen (but it happens to sober people too so...). Point in case if a person wants to do it let them but if they do it on your time, at your field, or under violation of your rules/regulations then I think, yes, action should be taken against a person. People will commit irresponsible acts regardless of if they are sober or not these things just seem to be done more by those who are not sober. It is the person not the drug itself who ultimately makes a decision to do something (not saying it won't effect a decision) but an irresponsible person who begins smoking pot will always be irresponsible regardless of if they're sober or not.
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