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The age verification systeme is not only a proof of majority, but a token of trust in regard to good reputation. At least, it's a little how I see it.

Now, ASC does not want to be perceived as a police, only as a medium of comunication. Or so I gathered over the years.

WE are the USERS of this medium, so WE should makes the rules.

So, in my opinion, regardless of the AV status of a player, if he is found in violation of an important field rule, such are drug use, cheating or whatever, he should be reported BY THE USERS, PUBLICLY, and BANNED from games. Simple as that. If his name get associated with distrust, his AV status mean absolutly nothing. All ASC could do then is branding them with a sub stitle, acording to the comunity wish. But that would be optionnal.

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