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Originally Posted by anglo-saxon View Post
A thousand bucks? You have to be $h1tt1n me! Even with the weaker $CDN that's a brutal rip off.

And why on earth would it be illegal to import Airsoft "guns" when they sell them here at Walmart and Crappy Tire? Boggles the mind!

To those who provided useful replies...thanks very much!

As for "Cpl. T. Syndrome"'s hissy fit...You stick to your, uh, "sport" and I'll do what the hell I want to do, which is no damned business of yours. Got that, sweet pea?
The reason why airsoft is that much more expensive in Canada is its legal status which makes it near impossible to import as a "civilian". Don't really know how much more expensive guns in Canada are, but I think it'd be around 2 or 3 times as much than the states. Also, Correct me if I'm wrong, the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar has nothing to do with the prices.

Also, being rude does not help you get answers. Members who come here regularly are always dealing with punks trying to get airsoft guns for cheap from the states and it DOES get annoying when they don't do their research and just jump to posting a thread.
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