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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
we can all agree that being drunk or stoned at a game is not acceptable.

The question posed was .. Should this forum ASC take a "stand" on it and revoke AV status if people are found to be drunk or stoned at games

.. no one ( but me) has addressed this point.

I say again.. it's not within ASC's mandate to take punish people for actions not directly affecting ASC.
Being complancent does not make it right. If the community agrees that such an action should be taken against an offender, is it then acceptable continue?

You allow drinking before and during events at your center. That's your perogative.... Personally, would not allow liquor on at any event that I host. Private property has with it a duty of care involving your guests safety.

Not allowing behavior with simulated firearms, the same as you would with actual firearms is a good place to start.

What's wrong with restricting the purchase of airsoft guns on this forum if you find someone is
#1, registered on this forum and purchasing guns here
#2, has been caught at one of your fields doing drugs.

I see no issue with trying to keep the sport clean.

And yes... THC will show up in a drug test. One part of my job is dealing with contaminated water and soil. I know that if the person who installs the well smokes and does not use gloves, the chemicals show up in the water analysis.
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