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Originally Posted by Simon290 View Post
AEGs are not weapons, this community is trying to prove that to the government.
AEGs very much qualify as weapons, if you read the Criminal Code.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Empowering a entitiy that is nothing more than an meeting and information sharing clearing house with such a mandate is bound to lead to abuses and will result in an overall loss of membership.

ASC has no place in this issue, it is a Host / field owner problem full stop.
I think you contradict yourself, Brian. By virtue of being a meeting and information clearing house, ASC has a place in this issue because it's happening through ASC. It's like saying a 10-yr old kids game played in a public park (or worse, some sort of racist-themed scenario game) posted on ASC would have no impact on ASC. Any meeting and information clearing house is nature defined by the quality of meeting and information sharing that take place upon it.

Forget revoking AV status. Is it really that hard to make a rule about no alcohol and drugs at games post on ASC? People can arrange games with alcohol and drugs all they want via PM or off ASC, but just to nip it in the bud now, no one should be promoting any public game that features alcohol and drugs as part of play through ASC.
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