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There is no point in arguing the
base point since it just makes
sense not to be impaired while
you do anything that requires
quick reflexes and judgement

But, this is really a case by case
issue since most fields are private
other than paintball fields. And
we're all adults so it's your call
how you want to enjoy your play.
Albeit, you should know what's
acceptable to the host/field owner.
Consuming alcohol and driving
is legal, to a point. I don't see a
big deal if the consumption of pot
and alcohol is minimal. People
know their own limits, and if they
appear to be impaired, then a
host should remove them.

Some people take over the counter
meds for a variety of relief. I've
been using strong allergy pills for
decades. Some people would be
impaired/drousy from my pills, I'm
used to them and show zero signs.

Before attending TAC on a Friday
I'll have a couple of pints to relax
after a work week, while loading up
my gear etc. Maybe a beer while
on break there, and a couple at the
end while relaxing with the gang
and sharing some laughs. In all the
years I've played indoor/ outdoor,
I've never been involved in any
unsafe situations while playing.
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