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Originally Posted by Mr.Shiney View Post
If you are stupid enough to do Drugs in your Car, which is actually a criminal offence - the what are you doing at an Airsoft Game.


You should not be playing stoned, high, under the influence, baked, or in any altered mood or mind state including when your judgement is impaired by legal Over the Counter or Doctor Dispensed Medications.

If you are found to be playing while impaired, you should be ejected for the day. If you continue to be an idiot, then you might be banned by the host or the field.
this is easy to say.. but the fact is that there are people who are habitual users, Smoking dope is to them Exactly the same as smoking a cigarette.

Just as a cigarette smoker goes about perpetualy under the influence of nicotine.. and this is considered 100% ok by pretty much everyone. The habitual Dope smoker also goes about their day perpetualy under the influence of THC .. many drive, work and operate heavy equipment quite well in this state as they are accustomed to do so,

These people make the arguments to support their habit, "its the same as beer, I'ts no different than tobacco"

Notwithstanding it is a controled substance and currently illegal to posses and consume.

The principle issue is the liability issue that ensues from a host or field owner allowing the behavior to happen without intervention.

If you Smoke dope on the field or before , during a game you are placing the field owner / host at risk . this represents a disregard for them that should result in your dissmissal from participation at the game in question and any future event.

Hosts talk to each other... "problem Children" become known and blacklisted, if you want access to places to play.. don't get known as a pot head..

Most communities seem to develop a known "stoner field" where these people congregate.. which solves the problem for others.

Like most issues in Airsoft .. these things sort themselves out pretty much
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