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Originally Posted by HeadlessChicken View Post
I'm a little concerned about another small situation that could potentially develop after games. I know that hosts of parties are responsible for their guests for leaving their event under the influence so should they get into a car accident, the host shares in the responsibility. Can the same apply with an airsoft game?

Regardless, I don't like idea that my team or the opposing team is doped up, high in the sky, and/or too wasted to aim properly. Its a safety hazard that can potentially injure them and others around them and, considering the injury, can bring more unwanted bad publicity to airsoft. I don't care if you can handle it, as a host, I wouldn't risk it.

Same applies for Airsoft games, but more the field owners responsibility. I for one don't like playing with people under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotics. I remember playing one game with a player that was high on pot once, he discharged his weapon while in a bunker and shot me right in the lip. His response was... WOW man I am soooo f*king high.

So IMO Drugs and Alcohol have no use on a field and can easily cause accidents. What if it was in a safe zone? Anyway, save it for after. If you can't go a few hours without it... maybe you have a problem.
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