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Illegal Drug use during Airsoft Games

Knowing a team who has abused illegal drugs (not cough medicine or energy drinks) before and during games, I would like ASC to take a hard stand against members who do participate in this behavior immediately before or during airsoft games.

I'm not talking about banning people who smoke dope or how it doesn't affect you.. or it's just like beer.. That's not the issue...(not in agreement with drinking at games either). My primary concern is about these pot heads cruising around the field stoned and carrying weapons, and the safety issues related to poor or clouded judgment that is the effect when illegal drugs are used. Another concern is the large amount of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who participate in our games. These brave souls will lose their jobs should they fail a drug test (and they are administered) due to second hand smoke or the cross contamination from the hands of the dopers. Everyone shakes hands, and even if they don't... common points such as guns or game props are transfer points.

If you smoke dope or participate in illegal drug activity, ..... well that's up to the law and you. If you conduct this sort of behavior during an airsoft game, I would like to see ASC take a hard stand against it, and subsequently administer a removal or age verification. I know there are ways around getting guns, and retailers who sell to unverified players. My point to getting the community behind this action is when (not if) a group traveling to a game gets caught with dope and airsoft guns, or someone gets injured because of the combination, that it not be because the community did not stand against it, and make it difficult to mix the two.

It is a legal, safety and etiquette issue in my eyes.

What say you?
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