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ok... lets put a fine point to it

No one cares what your gun looks like but you.

Everyone who reads this thread will judge you a hard core chairsofter and write you off.

Its ok to be neurotic .. its a mistake to share that information.

worrying about scratches is a waste of time.. as they will happen unless you never use your gun.

If you plan to never use it .. then why have it? it is not an "Object D'Arte" its a fracking toy gun and there are thousands just like it.

You present an image of a boy hiding under his Spiderman comforter at night examining every minute detail of your toy gun with a flashlight.... fiding a scratch and bursting into tears... until you mom comes and rubs your tummy until you calm down and fall to sleep.

... ok that last part was too far...

anyway... get you butt out to a game.. no one is so busy that they can't do it. The first bleeder you get.. you will worry more about scars on you that scratches on your gun.
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