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Why are you askin??. You lookin to get one??. 1st of all,read more. Google is your friend..

There are a couple of threads on this AEG.Before askin somethin, make sure you reserch.2nd.get age verified, if your not old enough, and lookin to "buy", hold your breath till you are..We're all sick and tired of "punks wantin leet guns". Sorry in advance if you are over 18, Seek an age verifer. AV'D should be your 1st priority before askin bout "gettin a gun". Once verified, we will all be more then happy to help ya!

Sorry all..Tired of openin ASC every day, and havin to weed through 2 pages of adolence wantin to find loop holes to ship replica's over the pond, or "look't my leet crapsoft wi't my BB shield attachment and gernade launcher shaped like a gold dildo!!". I for one love this sport, and I refuse to spoon feed any child lookin to be the next news reel that can hurt it. That bein said, I have seen a few younger ones that deserve encouragement, the ones that show interest, and yet realize they have to learn resposibility and wait. I suggest that we ignore/boycot, these " let's go shoot each other in my back yard" types..Maybe........(I hope I don't get a ban but need to be said anyways) this was to much..I Have a cold and drank a bottle of Nightquil. Just can't stand it anymore.....End Rant

Yours truly

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