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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
WOW, you guys are handeling this very well. I should go into retirement....
Anyways, there are "certified instructors" through out Ontario, one in Quebec, one in BC, and we are working on a couple in the west. The program has been in existance for about 7 years or so, and mainly focuses on safety and are run based on demand. In Central Ontario I usually end up running two to three per year. Fox has run one in Quebec in the last year, and the same is true for Lupo in BC. Not everyone want to be a sniper once they realize how much is really committed to filling the role. It's not just point and shoot....

Ya, well, very select few are trusted with the "torch", so.................... hehe, what would you expect from some of us? I saw it as a valid question, I'm still unsure of the "BA CQB Certified" thing though. I'm suspecting it's as I outlined earlier, which takes a very specific type of player to be trusted with a bolt action at close ranges.

And, for the heck of saying, airsoft sniper stuff isn't like real world sniper use (unless the sniper chooses to do so), I actually play it like I do with FPS video games, I go looking for targets of opportunity (I know Sniper_Chic does as well), and often act as a regular airsofter with the exception of having a 14lb sniper rifle on my back 95% of the game and use it as a 'special opportunity weapon', and surprisingly it works great and more often than in previous years for me. Incidentally, for the sake of interest, last game I played was at Mirabel Paintball, half the game was open area with old CF trucks, mud, etc and we were defending a raised up area with trenchs and bunkers, the second half was pure urban warfare, all buildings and little brush to hide. That game I had my MP5 with me the entire time (ok, the trench game I left it at the bunker), I literally only used my M24 rifle and my Mk23 pistol, I only shot my MP5 at the chrony and not again until end of the game to clear it. I was pretty stunned doing so well in an urban built up area with buildings, using only a BA rifle and pistol. Tactics and placement allowed me to net a decent dozen kills, including some really precise shots out to 150ft.
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